Introducing our two cushion cover makers, Dawa Sangmo & Pramila:

Meet Dawa Sangmo

 She is from Dolpo, a high-altitude culturally Tibetan part of Western Nepal, bordering Tibet. Initially Dawa Sangmo learned the art of weaving from her mother. Later on, at the age of 15 when she gained more interest on her own she joined a women's skills project in Dolpo to learn more about how to work a loom, weaving the textiles, coming up with designs etc. From then on she started weaving at home and has never stopped.      

Dawa Sangmo profile

Dawa Sangmo at the loom

 Dawa Sangmo weaving

Meet Pramila

She is from Kathmandu and lives together with her husband and their son and daughter. Pramila works primarily as a housemaid but her big passion and part time job is sowing! Pramila is also our neighbour.