Sisse and Alex d'Artois created Himalayan Hermitage back in 2017. Their collection of rugs and throws come from a wish to introduce the incredible craftsmanship of rug and throw making in Nepal, to highlight its heritage and to re-design these in a way so that they would fit into a modern home.
Today they work with household weavers scattered across the Kathmandu valley, weaving the rugs from the comfort of their home.
Every purchase provides employment and helps sustain an industry of ancient craftsmanship in Nepal.

Every Himalayan Hermitage product is handmade by artisans in the Kathmandu valley. Weaving by hand as a livelihood is a craft that is slowly dying out in Nepal, with the introduction of more synthetic materials coming in from China, and therefore there are fewer artisans to carry on this lineage of craftsmanship. 

It is an inherent aspect of the brand of Himalayan Hermitage to include the communities and the artisan families involved. Each purchase helps provide employment for the artisans they work with, and thus their families and communities at large. 
The raw materials they work with are carefully sourced, and they use sustainable and natural fibres.