'Simple Mandala', Tibetan Wall Hanging Art


Here is the design, 'Simple Mandala', Tibetan Wall Hanging Art handmade by Tibetan artist Pasang in Kathmandu. The textile used in this unique piece is sheep wool which come from various pangden (Tibetan aprons) which date back to at least 60 to 200+ years. These woollen textiles (old discarded pangden) have been handpicked from the ground, transformed, and reborn by stitching them together into this beautiful and unique patchwork design. 

There is no other piece like this in the world - this cannot be emphasised enough! Each square piece of pangden comes from a different region in Tibet, from which can be found a rich history in itself. Intertwining hundreds of these pieces together creates layer upon layer of stories, tradition, heritage, ancient Tibetan spinning and weaving techniques, and literally lifetimes lived - all of this interwoven into this one piece of art.

Making time   
  • 3-6 months accumulating the pieces. 
  • 15 days of stitching the pieces together at 8 hours per day. 
Natural dye 

The textiles from the Tibetan aprons for this piece are found from across Central Tibet, in Nyalam, Lhatse & Tingri. The natural dye used for the colours are: 

  • Saffron for yellow color 
  • Indigo for blue color
  • Madder for red color 
  • The white color is the wool's natural color   
What is a Mandala? 

'Mandala' is Sanskrit for circle. In Hindu and Buddhist Tantric rituals the Mandala represents a symbolic diagram as a support for meditation. It also represents the center of the universe, as it gathers all universal forces into its center. To learn more click here.   

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