'Ganesh & Dorje, Eye of Wisdom', Tibetan Wall Hanging Art


Here is the design, 'Ganesh, Eye of Wisdom', Tibetan Wall Hanging Art handmade by Tibetan artist Pasang in Kathmandu. The textile used in this unique piece is from discarded yak wool blankets which were used for yaks and also by people for various household purposes. The blankets date back to at least 100 to 200+ years. These blankets have been collected from across Tibet from the ground, transformed, and reborn by stitching them together into this beautiful and unique patchwork design. 

There is no other piece like this in the world - this cannot be emphasised enough! Each square piece of yak wool blanket comes from a different region in Tibet, from which can be found a rich history in itself. The wool comes from mountain goats and yaks, which have been collected from the ground. Intertwining hundreds of these pieces together creates layer upon layer of stories, tradition, heritage, ancient Tibetan spinning and weaving techniques, and literally lifetimes lived - all of this interwoven into this one piece of art.    

Who is Ganesh?

Ganesh is an elephant headed god within Hindu philosophy. He is the symbol of wisdom, understanding and wealth with a discriminating intellect.    

What Is A Dorje? 

The dorje (in Tibetan), also known as vajra (in Sanskrit) means 'the hard ' or 'mighty one', represents the indestructible and 'hard' and brilliant nature of a diamond that cannot be destroyed, cut or broken.    

  • Dimensions: 157cm x 80cm
  • 100% organic, raw, sustainable, and ethically harvested wool from the Tibetan Plateau 
  • eco friendly: a percentage goes directly into the HH Environmental Fund
  • directly supports the maker - learn more here
  • handmade  
Making Time   
  • 1-5 years selecting the material and the color combination. 
  • 15 days of stitching the pieces together at 8 hours per day. 
Natural Dyes

The textiles from the Tibetan aprons for this piece are found from across central and west Tibet, from Lhatse and Shegar and Lake Manesarovar and Mount Kailash (check out our pilgrimage journey to this incredible place here). The natural dye used for the colours are: 

  • Saffron for yellow color 
  • Indigo for blue color
  • Madder for red color 
  • The white color is the wool's natural color        
Courier Shipping & Insurance is Included!

This item will be courier shipped from Nepal directly to your front door. Because this piece of art is invaluable, the cost of insurance and the cost of courier shipping (and all packaging and handling) is included in the product's price. You will be given a tracking number once the item is sent. Shipping may take from 3 - 14 days, due to the pandemic / limited number of flights.

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