'Aunsi', Radhi Rug


Aunsi is Nepali for 'New Moon

The Aunsi is a traditional Nepali radhi rug. It is made from 100% wool that comes from the special Bhyanglung sheep. The sheep is trimmed every six months and produces a very strong, as well as soft woolen fiber. 

This is a modern design of an ancient textile.

Traditionally, the radhi (Nepali for this kind of 'rug') was made by loom in mountain village households. The skill involved in weaving a radhi was such an important trait, that while looking for a possible bride for their sons, the villagers would make sure that the future daughter-in-law would know the art of weaving these woolen rugs! (Marriage in this time + culture was not so personal, but more so a community affair)

Please note: because this rug is entirely made by hand, there may be small imperfections and uneven features. This is a part of the charm of a craft such as this! Size dimensions may differ by a few inches/centimetres, as well as the weight.

  • 100% sustainably and ethically harvested wool
  • Hand-spun & hand-woven
  • 100% Bhyanglung sheep wool 
  • Directly supports the makers - learn more here
  • Eco friendly: a percentage goes directly into the HH Environmental Fund
  • Machine washable - wash in cold water only
Time Involved
  • 6 months: Growing the wool
  • 2 hours: Harvesting the wool
  • 3 days: Washing and drying the wool
  • 1 day: Preparing for spinning & combing the wool
  • 4 days (32h): Spinning the wool by hand
  • 4 hours: Setting up the loom
  • 6 days (48h): Weaving the rug
  • 3 Days: Washing the completed rug and sun-drying 
  • Total: approx. 6.5 months - 106 hours of work by hand
Courier Shipping & Insurance is Included!

This item will be courier shipped from Nepal directly to your front door. Because this piece of art is invaluable, the cost of insurance and the cost of courier shipping (and all packaging and handling) is included in the product's price. You will be given a tracking number once the item is sent. Shipping may take from 3 - 14 days, due to the pandemic / limited number of flights.

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