Incense offering

What is our vision with this Online Store? 

During the years of leading our journeys throughout the Himalayas, we have not only fallen in love with its people, landscapes, and rich wisdom tradition, but also with discovering their exquisite & uplifting textiles, handicrafts, and art.
In this online shop we wish to share our favourite pieces with you, tell the stories of each piece's maker - to bridge the gap between artist & admirer / seller & buyer - so that you can support them, their families, their communities, and ultimately, their heritage. 
This heritage of the Himalayas is at risk. It may cease to exist in our near future if we don't promote & support those with the knowledge to preserve it through the likes of their traditional weaving methods & ancient techniques.
Taking care of the environment is also a strong value of ours. From any item that you purchase, a percentage will go into the HH Environmental Fund, to help offset the carbon footprint created by our shop (mainly from shipping).