Meet Sisse

Sisse is the co-founder of Himalayan Hermitage - a project that specializes in offering authentic meditation and yoga journeys throughout the Himalayas. Originally from Denmark, Sisse has lived in Nepal and traveled the world for many years.
To learn more about her, 'Meet the Founders'.  

A photographic journey 

Over the past many years journeying in the Himalayas, Sisse has captured a number of landscapes & portraits - and has selected her favourites amongst:

  • Remote monasteries and nunneries
  • Farmers and nomads in the Tibetan Plateau
  • Nuns in the Everest region of Nepal 

Sisse also explains the story behind each piece.

The 'hook' of the Himalayas

One of the key influences that moves Sisse to capture what she sees in print is the deep appreciation of the region of the Himalayas; its cultures, its 'atmospheres', its landscapes, the spiritual heritage of the region and the 'earth-boundedness' of its people. Sisse was 'hooked' by the Himalayas and Buddhist philosophy as a 20-year old and this encounter has shaped her life journey in very big ways.   

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