Assam landscape at night

Where is Assam? 

Assam is a state in northeast India, situated south of the eastern Himalayas along the Brahmaputra and Barak rivers. The state of Assam borders Bhutan and Arunachal Pradesh to the north, Bangladesh to the south, Nagaland to the east and West Bengal to the west.  

Assam is known for its silk and its tea and its rich and diverse national parks, hosting wildlife such as rhinos, tigers and wild elephants. Assam receives more rainfall than any other part of India. This rain feeds the Brahmaputra and provides a lush and green environment in the state.   

In Assam there are more than 650 tribes with each their own dialect and different style of garment belonging to each different tribe. There is a huge diversity amongst them.  

Assamese landscape

The Tradition of Weaving in Assam

At around year 1300 the tradition started when a wife would weave a gamusa, a piece of clothing made out of handmade cotton, to her beloved as a form of protection for him going away into war or other trying event. Since then, the weaving tradition has been an integral part of the culture and life in Assam, hence the widespread sentence amongst the Assamese people that, "every woman in Assam is a weaver". 

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