Mindstreams & Pilgrimage: Podcast on How to Embrace Our Own Mortality

How do we relate to death and dying in this modern day and age, and to what extent are we actually encouraged to reflect on the impermanent nature of all things, and on death itself?   

Co-director of Himalayan Hermitage, Sisse joins author, speaker and podcast host, Sue Brayne in a conversation on 'Mindstreams and Pilgrimage: Embracing Your Mortality, and shares Buddhist perspectives on impermanence and death and how to relate with this on a daily basis. In fact, according to the Buddhist tradition, meditating and reflecting on death and impermanence is the regarded as the 'elephant footprint', the most powerful mind training of all.

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Going on a pilgrimage, and becoming acquainted with the inner world, the mind, can be ways to be reminded by the nature of all things and the ever-changing world that we live in and how to be ok with that.   

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