'Piaj-Un', Non-violent Silk & Merino Blend


'Piaj-Un' - Assamese for 'onion' and wool, Non-violent Silk & Merino Blend

This shawl is made out of 50% non-violent silk from Assam, India and 50% merino wool. Absolutely no harm has been inflicted on the many silk worms involved in order to produce the silk. This makes it both ethical to produce, buy, wear, and to enjoy.

The machine spun merino wool makes the warp (vertical on the loom) and a silk thread and a hand-spun merino thread makes the wept (horizontal on the loom). This blend of silk and wool makes the shawl (or large scarf) both light and warm and very comfortable. 

Entirely hand-spun and hand-made non-violent silk by Kalita (and her family in Assam) using traditional tribal techniques of her area and merino wool hand-spun and hand-made by our weaver Ravi in Himachal Pradesh. Mixing these two materials creates a stunning dynamic in the weave.  

  • Dimensions: 40 x 200cm & 80 x 200cm
  • 100% organic, raw, sustainable, and ethically harvested silk, naturally dyed in Assamese red onion skin, woven together with merino wool
  • eco friendly: a percentage goes directly into the HH Environmental Fund
  • directly supports the maker - learn more here
  • hand-made & hand-spun
  • 100% non-violent silk
  • 100% merino wool 
Time Involved 
  • 45 days - farming
  • 2 days - spinning
  • 1 day - dyeing
  • 2-3 days - weaving & making the fringes
  • 50 days total

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