'Phu', Cashmere Scarf


Phu -  Ladhaki for grazing land

This cashmere scarf is made from the finest cashmere wool, from mountain goats of the high-altitude plains of Changtang in northern Ladakh, bordering Tibet, which makes it very soft and warm. 

It is entirely handspun and handwoven by our master weaver Ravi in Himachal Pradesh, which gives it the natural feel of a handmade product (as opposed to a machine-made product) which gives it a texture that is more uneven and more 'real' looking and feeling. 

  • Dimensions: 33cm x 175cm
  • 100% organic, raw, sustainable, and ethically harvested cashmere wool
  • eco friendly: a percentage goes directly into the HH Environmental Fund
  • directly supports the maker - learn more here
  • hand-made & hand-spun
  • it is 'lungpa' and 'kha' woven together
Time Involved
  • 1 year - farming
  • 2 days - spinning
  • 2 days - weaving
  • 369 days total
Pre-order available 

We are open for pre-orders now. We are expecting the cashmere wool to arrive in Himachal Pradesh any day now and then it will take 2 weeks to make them. 

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