Dorje Coral Handmade Silver Bracelet
Dorje Coral Handmade Silver Bracelet

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Dorje Coral Handmade Silver Bracelet

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Dorje Coral - Nepali for xx

This silver bracelet is perfect for a simple, yet elegant piece of jewelry that stands out and yet feels comfortable to wear. 

Entirely hand-made by brothers Niroj and Nirajan in Kathmandu, using traditional Newari techniques, ethnic to their group in Nepal. The symbol is a dorje (in Tibetan), also known as vajra (in Sanskrit) which means 'the hard ' or 'mighty one', representing the indestructible and 'hard' and brilliant nature of a diamond that cannot be destroyed, cut or broken. The stone is coral, which is a typical stone of the Himalayan region. Each piece is unique and one of a kind. 

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