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Yura Nomad Throw, Cashmere & Silk

Color: Golden

 Yura -  Ladhaki for stream

This throw is a blend of 50% non-violent silk in its natural color from Assam, woven together with 50% of the finest cashmere wool from mountain goats of the high-altitude plains of Changtang in northern Ladakh, bordering Tibet, which makes it very soft and warm and the silk brings a lightness to it. 

Both fibers are entirely handspun and handwoven by our master weaver Ravi in Himachal Pradesh and weaver Kalita in Assam, which gives it the natural feel of a handmade product (as opposed to a machine-made product) which gives it a texture that is more uneven and more 'real' looking and feeling. 

  • Dimensions: 80cm x 200cm
  • 100% organic, raw, sustainable, and ethically harvested cashmere wool
  • eco friendly: a percentage goes directly into the HH Environmental Fund
  • directly supports the maker - learn more here
  • hand-made & hand-spun
  • cashmere thread & natural white silk woven together
Time Involved
  • 1 year - farming
  • 2 days - spinning
  • 2 days - weaving
  • 369 days total
Pre-order available 

We are open for pre-orders now. We are expecting the cashmere wool to arrive in Himachal Pradesh any day now and then it will take 2 weeks to make them. 

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